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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Spring Practice Update, Scheduling, and Draft Update

Plus another sad baseball update.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

There's less than a week until the spring game, which means we are less than a week from falling into the offseason pit again. So until then enjoy all of the on field reports you can get. Like this one from the Times Record. The update focuses on Deatrich Wise, who should be primed for a stellar senior season. After the announcement of Austin Allen as the starter, the battle has now shifted to who will be the No. 2 QB. It also gives some insight to how the spring game will be formatted. Bret Bielema calls it "1's-versus-The World," and teases a couple of other moments fans should enjoy.

The debate surrounding scheduling in college football is nothing new. And Bielema letting his opinions known about the debate is also nothing new. ESPN has a feature on the debate, with some new quotes from the head hog. His comments about the Big Ten are sure to ruffle some feathers up north. The feature largely takes on the argument that Power-5 conferences should be moving to a uniform, nine-game conference schedule. Which the SEC has vocally been reluctant to switch to.

The NFL Draft might be the most analyzed event in the sports world. Meaning there is constantly new stuff to look into. SB Nation is going position by position and their tight end draft board has Hunter Henry at Number 1 and it really isn't very close. Henry has always been seen as a very pro-ready prospect in the eyes of NFL teams, but it is staggering to see how big the gap between him and the field really is.

Everyone has a bad day, it's okay. Sometimes coaches have rough years, and that's okay too - it's the nature of the game. After the series sweep to Florida this weekend, it looks like that rough year has come for Dave Van Horn. Under Van Horn, Arkansas has been a model of consistency and success making the NCAA Tournament every year of his tenure. It looks like that streak is coming to an end for the Hogs. However, as Van Horn says, its about the process of getting better now, and that is what the rest of the baseball season should be about.