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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Scottie Bordelon is Arkansas Fight's New Co-Manager

I'm excited to announce that going forward, Scottie Bordelon will be sharing duties with me as Arkansas Fight's Co-Manager.

Scottie became a contributor for this site something like three years ago (has it really been that long? counting time never gets better) and was the sports editor of the UA student newspaper, The Traveler, his senior year. I always felt he was very talented and really got the vibe of the site we were going for.

Frequent visitors to the site might have noticed that posting frequency has dipped the last couple of months or so. That's on me. I started a new real full time job in February and they actually want me to do stuff, so that's cut in to my time a bit. Fortunately, the good people at SB Nation were willing to let us bring on a new co-manager to help me out. Scottie was my first choice and the only person I asked to do it. Fortunately for all of us, he agreed to it.

I'm not going anywhere. I still plan on doing many of the things I've always done, but time demands won't let me do it all anymore, and Scottie is going to help out with that - in addition to doing whatever he feels he wants to do.

So please join me in welcoming him into the new role. I'm very excited and fully confident he'll continue growing this site and making it bigger and better. Y'all can follow him on twitter @gsbordelon.

Raise a glass!