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Arkansas Plays Prince Music At Spring Practice

I always knew Bielema was a fan

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know how often I've made references to Prince songs in the years I've been writing about the Hogs. It's probably as many as I felt I could get away with. I'm sort of a big fan. It hasn't been the easiest day.

So it made me happy to see the Hogs played some of his songs at spring practice today. I'm not sure which ones they played, but I understand one was "Raspberry Beret", which is fitting since the Razorbacks do wear, of course, red helmets.

It might have helped offensive lineman Frank Ragnow, who is from the suburb of Minneapolis that Prince also called home and you'd have to believe had his mind back in Minnesota today.

ESPN reporter Edward Aschoff is in Fayetteville right now covering the end of Arkansas' spring practice, and he was even talking to some of the players about it today. Apparently Jared Cornelius is a big fan.

aschoff cornelius prince


The Razorbacks just released this video of the team stretching to Prince music. Apparently they played "1999", "Purple Rain," "Kiss," and "Raspberry Beret."

I just thought all of this was worth sharing. If you need me I'll be back here listening to songs and watching videos.