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Kody Walker Granted 6th Year of Eligibility

After suffering significant injuries early in his career, Kody Walker will get a chance to play for Arkansas in 2016 as a 6th-year senior.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Arkansas had been anticipating a drastic overhaul at the running back position following the 2015 season, but with the news that Kody Walker will be able to come back in 2016, the Hogs depth chart at the position in the future is a little more solidified.

So get ready for all those "man, how long has Kody Walker been around here?" thoughts and questions. They won't be unfounded. He came to Arkansas as part of the 2011 recruiting class and by next year will be the last player on the team who was coached by Bobby Petrino.

While Walker has never been a feature back for the Razorbacks, his profile has been rising since recovering from injuries early in his career. He was a star of Arkansas' spring game, rushing for 174 yards and three touchdowns in the absence of Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins, showing he can carry his share of the load. He scored five touchdowns in Arkansas' first three games in 2011 before his season was cut short and one more in 2012 before a broken leg in The Game That Shall Not Be Named ended his 2012 season.

Walker will be re-classified as a junior for athletic competition.

"We are very excited to have Kody with us for an additional season," said head coach Bret Bielema. "Adversity has defined him throughout his career and he has championed the moment. Every person on our staff and every player in our locker room is pulling for Kody to succeed and we expect him to be a major contributor to our football team these next two years."