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Hog Trough Fancast #152 - Light My Fire, Coach!

After an 3-week hiatus due to me moving, we're back to look at all we missed in the lullness of the summer. We'll get ready for SEC Media Days, discuss the potential for the upcoming football season, look back at the NBA Draft, and a whole lot more. It's the Hog Trough Fancast!

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Here are some of the things we discuss on this week's podcast:

  • The move is over...
  • The NBA Draft is over and Bobby Portis has already pocketed more than I'll make in a lifetime.
  • Michael Qualls signs deal with OKC. Suck it, ACL!
  • SEC Media Days Preview
  • 8.5 Games for the Season / Over-under
  • What's Got to Go!
  • Tweets of the Week
  • If the audio player does not work, click here to listen!

    Recorded Sunday morning July 5, 2015

    This is the Hog Trough Fancast.

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