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Summer Hot Takes: How Much Hype Will There Be For Arkansas vs Auburn?

The Clarion-Ledger listed Arkansas vs Auburn as their #2 SEC game of the year in a recent column. Is it really that big?

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What are your thoughts on the Clarion-Ledger ranking Arkansas vs Auburn as the #2 SEC game of the year this fall behind only the Iron Bowl?

ScottieI certainly think it has the potential to be one of the better games in the league this season, especially with all the storylines, the recent history and conflicting coaching philosophies. Just think about all the grotesque manliness and ego that's going to be in the stadium that day, folks. With Bert, Gus and Puncho all in the same place, I'd probably watch this game even if I had no dog in it. But No. 2? I'm not buying that.

Robert: Iron Bowl, Georgia Florida, LSU Alabama, Egg Bowl. These are always the standard highlights of the SEC season. I think this game has just gotten more interesting recently with Malzahn and Bielema's stylistic differences. Alabama and Auburn don't have many interesting road games, so the potential for a late October Legend in Fayetteville has probably gotten a little more attention due to the rise and fall of some other teams.

Mitchell: The ranking doesn't mean much to me, but obviously this will be a game that could have big implications. Add the contesting styles, how the game last year went, as well as how good we should be this year and it could be a really fun one to watch. More importantly I think either Bama or Auburn are losing to the hogs this year, likely resulting in the other winning the West.

Ryan: That's neat. I wish I'd thought about writing this during the dog days of summer when content runs thin.

Adam: It's kind of shocking really. There will always be the Gus vs. Bret debate storyline, but it seems to have calmed down recently. But with the built in storylines, it's always going to be a must-see game.

MarkI think our series with Auburn is underrated in general, maybe vastly so. But No. 2? That was a surprise. Although I do think the Auburn game is shaping up to be a big one.

Jamie: I think it says as much about what they think of the East, LSU and A&M as it does about Arkansas. Looking at the schedule it’s hard to disagree, the winner of that game is gonna have a shot at the West title if Bama drops a game or two.

Doc: I'm surprised at the ranking just because of how the media salivates over Alabama/LSU and even Auburn/LSU, not to mention the Egg Bowl or possibly Tennessee/Georgia. Auburn is obviously the biggest game on Arkansas' home schedule this year and if both teams do well in the first half of the season, it will be a really big game and I think there's a good chance GameDay could come to Fayetteville for it, but there are so many equally big games in the SEC each year. I have a hard time saying it would be #2 unless both teams are undefeated or one team has only one loss although I would certainly love for that to be the case.

It was surprising that Vegas listed Arkansas as the early favorite, but it does set up well for the Hogs. Arkansas will be coming off a bye week while Auburn will be playing the second of consecutive road games, plus it's in Fayetteville. Arkansas has a cupcake the next week so there's no worry of looking ahead while Auburn hosts Ole Miss. All the traditional intangibles line up Arkansas' way at this point. It should be fun.