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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: May 7 - Brandon Allen, Basketball Recruiting, AND MORE

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First of all, a wooo pig is in order to our link-master, Scottie Bordelon. He's graduating from UA this Saturday. Congrats!

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Whenever I'm asked my thoughts on Arkansas' spring practice, my general response is that the Razorbacks are clearly better. Watch last year's spring game, which featured the same "1s against the world" setup that this game had. The starting offense could barely move the ball, and that team had Alex Collins and Korliss Marshall playing at running back that day. It was night and day compared to what we saw a few weeks ago. That improvement has led to a big confidence boost for Brandon Allen, which is the subject of this new ESPN piece. I really can't wait to see this offense in the fall with Dominique Reed joining in.

Strength and Conditioning coach Ben Herbert is already something of an Ozarks legend what with the seemingly annual "Built By Herb" pics we've gotten the last couple of off seasons. Herbert is also receiving some nice professional recognition among his peers, as he's being named a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches association. It's reportedly the highest honor someone in his line of work can receive and Herbert will be honored with a ceremony tonight in Nashville.


Hog basketball fans are in full KeVaughn-watch right now, but don't overlook this weekend's official visitor. The Razorbacks are scheduled to host 6'10" power forward Ebuka Izundu this weekend and he would be a big pickup for Mike Anderson. He's already visited Tennessee, Cincinnati, Miami, and will visit Texas Tech after his trip to Fayetteville. If the Hogs can somehow end up with KeVaughn Allen and Izundu in the 2015 class, Mike Anderson will have totally aced this last minute recruiting gauntlet thrown down by the departures of Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls.

The SEC basketball schedule has gone through a rotation in recent years with one permanent double-opponent while rotating four other double-opponents each year. Tennessee was upset they didn't get matched with Kentucky The SEC decided last year more permanent double-opponents can create more favorable games more frequently, so they're assigning each team three permanent double-opponents beginning next year. Rumors out of LSU suggest that the Tigers and Arkansas will be one such addition, meaning Arkansas would play both Missouri and LSU twice each year. Hopefully, the third team will be Kentucky. If it's not Kentucky, I bet it's either A&M or Ole Miss.


Will Arkansas host? That's the question for Razorback baseball right now after six straight SEC series wins and two more scheduled against two of the worst teams in the SEC (Tennessee and Georgia) before the SEC Tournament. If they keep rolling, maybe we'll see more baseball at Baum in a few weeks. But even if not currently projects Arkansas as the 2-seed in the Springfield, Missouri regional at Missouri State. While that obviously wouldn't be the same as hosting, it would provide a chance for Hog fans to make the easy trip (it's just two hours away from Fayetteville).

Andrew Benintendi has emerged as an SEC Player of the Year candidate for the Razorbacks, and today it was announced he is on the watch list for the Golden Spikes Award, the honor given to the top amateur baseball player in the country. He's leads the nation in home runs (or at least did recently at one point) but his hitting for average numbers and base stealing are putting him on another level.


Well this story has gone national on all the golf media sites. No, just, no.