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Can You Name the Head Coaches Who Lost to John L. Smith and Houston Nutt?

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Collectively, John L. and HDN beat quite the cast of characters as head coaches

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I frequent Spencer Hall's Everyday Should Be Saturday site, and last week, as usual, I left inspired. But this time it was by a quiz made by Ryan Nanni of the 46 coaches Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz has lost to over the years.

And when you think of Kirk Ferentz you immediately think of John L. Smith, right? No? Okay, well I did quite a bit of research and compiled a list of notable head coaches who JLS and Houston Nutt beat during their time as head coaches. You may come away from this after your 10 minutes are up and feel smarter, you may be like me and just laugh at the thought of these head coaching matchups in hindsight, or ask yourself "HOW THEY HE BEAT HIM?"

Some of the coaches are from non-Power 5 conferences, but I've added some hints to kind of help you out.