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Arkansas Recruiting: Commit Videos - Week 6

Spend the bye week catching up on this year's batch of future Razorbacks.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

DL Austin Capps

As is often the case with high school football, Capps is playing multiple positions in this video. The only defensive play he makes is a sack where the offensive line gave very little resistance. On offense he throws a lineman into the endzone during a touchdown run, and that's just one example of the strength he shows on offense. Even if he might not have had many highlights on the defensive side this week, his strength will be a positive from the first day he steps on campus.

ATH Kiel Pollard

Pollard is posting videos exclusively of him on the offensive side of the ball and he is supposedly going to make the switch to defense when he gets to campus so his physical tools are all we can breakdown right now. He shows good hands, which will be valuable, but what stands out is that he is a very elusive athlete. The only question mark will be if Pollard can be physical enough once he switches to defense.

DB Deon Edwards

One thing for sure about Deon Edwards is that physicality will not be a problem for him. He makes a big hit on the first play and makes another huge hit about :30 seconds in. He consistently is coming up to the line of scrimmage to make a play. Most importantly, Edwards is consistently showing that he can make tackles in open space, something that has been a bit of a struggle for the Razorback secondary.

DL Briston Guidry

Guidry has a brief video posted this week so it may not have been his best game but still showed some impressive plays. At about :19 seconds in he makes a touchdown saving tackle right at the goal line. Guidry gets across the field quickly to make the play and wraps up to keep the running back from crossing the plane. The final play he also gets in the backfield and makes a nice tackle from behind.

ATH T.J. Hammonds

Hammonds' video this week is another good show of physicality. On the run :17 seconds in he breaks through a group of would be tacklers and picks up the first down. On the next play he puts the truck stick on some poor soul and runs him over. One thing of note is that there were two punt returns where he makes good yardage getting past defenders, but both returns were questionable decisions. If he is going to return at SEC games then he can't rely on his speed in the same way.