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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 23

Donnie Tyndall's Tennessee team is in second place in the conference standings. But, where are they in the power rankings?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 18-0 (5-0), RPI 1, LW: 1

After Kansas losing, Big Blue Nation is back to number one in the RPI. They currently have eight wins over RPI top 50 teams.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 14-4 (3-2), RPI 22, LW: 2

It shows people how great of a non-conference slate the Hogs had to blow two winnable games last week and still not drop. The only major (key word MAJOR) blemish on their resume continues to be that loss at Clemson, but Clemson has now broken into the top 100 of the RPI at 93. When Arkansas lost that game, Clemson was in the 160s. And after beating Alabama last night, that's another top 50 RPI win for the Hogs.

3. LSU Tigers, 14-4 (3-2), RPI 45, LW: 3

These Bayou Bengals are the poster child for #SECBasketballFever. They've beaten UGA, at Ole Miss, and at Florida. Then they've lost at home to A&M and AT MIZZOU. That's more of a maddening inconsistency than the Razorbacks.

4. Georgia Bulldogs, 12-5 (3-2), RPI 24, LW: 5

I really wanted jump the Dawgs over Arkansas and LSU, but those are their two conference losses. The Dawgs are on the cusp of being the second ranked team in these power rankings.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide, 12-5 (2-3), RPI 49, LW: 4

Just like Arkansas, they came into Bud Walton Arena on a two game losing streak, but now they're on a 3-game streak. No need to panic though when two of those games were against Kentucky and at Bud Walton. They really need to beat Auburn on Saturday.

6. Tennessee Volunteers, 12-5 (4-1), RPI 44, LW: 7

Their conference record is a little deceiving. Besides the win over Arkansas, they've beaten three of the four worst RPI teams in the conference.

7. Texas A&M Aggies, 12-5 (3-2), RPI 46, LW: 10

This is where I think the NCAA Tournament teams stop and the NIT list begins. The Aggies definitely can play their way into the NCAAs, but will have to have a 2014 Georgia type performance to make it. Their non-conference schedule really hurt their chances.

8. Ole Miss Rebels, 11-7 (2-3), RPI 49, LW: 8

After an out of body performance at Arkansas, thanks in part to some atrocious defense, they couldn't quite pull it out at Georgia. They will not be able to overcome home losses to Western Kentucky, TCU and Charleston Southern to make the NCAA Tournament.

9. Florida Gators, 10-8 (3-2), RPI 73, LW: 6

Folks really have to let go of the Gator's NCAA chances. It's almost February and their best win is still over Yale.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 10-7 (1-4), RPI 95, LW: 11

They've lost four straight in SEC play, including a loss at Mississippi State. There is a good chance they won't win again until they host South Carolina on Feb. 7. They would be 1-8 going into that game. Could Kevin Stallings survive after this season?

11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 10-7 (1-4), RPI 113, LW: 9

After non-conference wins over Iowa State and Oklahoma State, I really thought they would turn the corner and at least make the NIT this season. They play Kentucky, at LSU, Georgia, then at Arkansas. They also have a good chance at being 1-8 into that Vanderbilt game.

12. Auburn Tigers, 10-8 (2-3), RPI 126, LW: 12

The Tigers are probably the worst team for the SEC right now. They aren't going to make any post-season play, but Bruce Pearl is going to beat some teams they shouldn't. That could knock some teams out of the NCAA Tournament.

13. Missouri Tigers, 7-11 (1-4), RPI 144, LW: 13

Congrats to the Tigers on being the first team in the SEC to get to double-digits in the loss column.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 9-9 (2-3), RPI 176, LW: 14

It's insane to think they've won two conference games after losing non-conference games to Arkansas State, South Carolina-Upstate, and McNeese State.