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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: July 14 - SEC Media Days, Hogs Biggest Game, Ticket Prices

PLUS a 2014 SEC Football hype video!

Mike Ehrmann

There is an undeniable mystique around SEC Media Days. It's also the unofficial beginning to the college football season, and who better to do it than the best conference in the land. Last season, the SEC, in a way only it could, did the unimaginable (we're looking at you Auburn) with the Prayer in Jordan-Hare and the Kick Six. The conference's consecutive national championship streak ended at seven (we're looking at you Auburn). But the best is still ahead, you guys. The SEC may be prime to get two into the playoff on somewhat a regular basis. But we will see.

I'll have to admit it, guys. I'm getting desperate for some college football. Which might be why I've been watching some of the top games from last season on YouTube (here's the link to the channel if you're into it). But nothing, and I mean nothing, will get more more ecstatic for the season to get underway like a hype video. And the folks at SDS have provided us with a 2014 SEC football trailer. Chills, man, chills.

Part of the reason why the media days in the now famous Wynfrey in Hoover, Alabama is such a circus is because of all of the personalities and storylines. Spurrier, Bielema, Saban, Malzahn. HUHN, SEC Network, CFB Playoff; the list just goes on and on. Here is what to watch for during media days this week from Arkansas News' Robbie Neiswanger.

Every game on a team's schedule is important, even if they're Nicholls State, in Arkansas' case. But everyone knows some games are more important to others. For me, the Missouri game in COMO and A&M game at Jerry World are my top two. Those could be swing games that could decide whether Arkansas goes bowling or not. Ole Miss and MSU are also big. ESPN also has their take on the Hogs' biggest contest of the year.

Harvey Updyke, if he can stay out of prison, might be paying for an Iron Bowl ticket he can't afford again this football season. Around a week ago, the National Football Post wrote an article including the top 10 highest priced tickets for the 2014 college football season. There's an SEC team in nearly each of the 10 games, and Arkansas found themselves on the list, too. And all 10 may or may not be rivalry games.

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