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Arkansas Back In Lunardi's Bracketology After Win Over Kentucky

Just barely, but we're there

Wesley Hitt

Thought the Razorbacks lost any chance of making the NCAA Tournament after losing to Texas A&M and Florida? Think again! At least that's what Joe Lunardi seems to think.

In today's update, Arkansas is placed in the play-in game against Dayton for the right to be a 12-seed and face Duke in the first round. (Or, to be technically accurate, the Hogs are in the 8-team first round games and would play Duke in the second round if they win. Personally, I will always feel the 64-team field is supposed to be the first round.)

It would be the most Razorback thing ever to get into the NCAA Tournament but have to play Dayton in Dayton for the right to get in the 64-team field. Just another easy road game.

Arkansas is the 5th SEC team in Lunardi's bracket, along with Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri. Clearly, IF ARKANSAS CAN WIN ON THE ROAD at Georgia, the Tennessee and Missouri games will become huge games for the Hogs.

Jerry Palm at CBS and SB Nation's own Blogging The Brackets have not updated their projections since the Kentucky game, although Blogging the Bracket did list Arkansas as a Next Four Out team before the Hogs took on the Wildcats.