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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 13

SEC Basketball, you are a drunken hot mess and I don’t know if I should call you a cab to get you home, or let you cry it out in the corner. Nonetheless, I must rank you, no matter how much I pity you.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With conference play under way, let’s get weird.

1. Florida (13-2 (2-0), RPI: 8, LW: 1)

If you told me on Jan. 14 Florida and Georgia would be a clash of two teams undefeated in SEC play, I would have called an ambulance for your #SECBasketballFever.

2. Kentucky (12-3 (2-0), RPI: 18, LW: 2)

They struggled at Vanderbilt, who only has two scholarship guards, last week. It will be interesting to see how well they play against a desperate Arkansas team.

3. Texas A&M (11-4 (2-0), RPI: 137, LW: 12)

How do I deny a team that beat Arkansas at home and Tennessee on the road? Those were tournament teams at one point in the season.

4. Georgia (8-6 (2-0), RPI: 163, LW: 14)

They won at Missouri and at home against Alabama. Are they the fourth best team in the conference? No, but I can’t deny them what have done in conference play.

5. Missouri (13-2 (1-1), RPI: 44, LW: 3)

The Tigers losing at home to Georgia the same night Arkansas lost on the road to Texas A&M was Hog fan’s ibuprofen to their #SECBasketballFever.

6. Tennessee (9-5 (1-1), RPI: 58, LW: 5)

The Volunteers' season has been as weird as an M. Knight Shyamalan movie. You either walk out saying, "that was awesome!" Or you walk out saying, "what the heck was that?" Also, both had nice runs in the 2000’s, but haven’t been relevant since 2010.

7. LSU (10-5 (1-1), RPI: 81, LW: 6)

Unfortunately, they caught Tennessee on a good night and lost at home.

8. Mississippi State (11-4 (1-1), RPI: 140, LW: 9)

They got torn up at Kentucky, but were able to scrap out a win against an Ole Miss team without Marshall Henderson. I still think Ole Miss is the better team, but can’t rank them ahead of State with that loss.

9. Ole Miss (10-5 (1-1), RPI: 85, LW: 7)

At least they have all of Marshall Henderson’s suspensions out of the way.

10. Alabama (7-8 (1-1), RPI: 115, LW: 10)

They were able to defeat Vanderbilt at home by 5 points, even though Vandy only had two scholarship guards. So, is that really a good thing?

11. Arkansas (11-4 (0-2), RPI: 66, LW: 4)

This screen shot I captured of Mike Anderson describes it all.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-conversation="none" lang="en"><p><a href="">@doc_harper</a> this was his reaction when we didn&#39;t get off a 3. So I think he did want a 3 by Bell or Madden. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Ryan Higgins (@rhiggins479) <a href="">January 11, 2014</a></blockquote>

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12. Vanderbilt (8-6 (0-2), RPI: 135, LW: 8)

With only seven scholarship players left on their roster, Vandy is living on a prayer for the rest of the season.

13. South Carolina (7-8 (0-2), RPI: 105, LW: 10)

The only way I’d watch a USCe game is if Bill Walton was calling it, because he called Digger Phelps "the devil" on live TV last week. The guy has no filter and I love it.

14. Auburn (8-5 (0-2), RPI: 169, LW: 13)

They couldn’t even beat Ole Miss without Marshall Henderson. Even Mississippi State could do that.