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Arkansas Football Countdown: 73 Days - Jeremy Ward

No, Jeremy Ward is not in this picture. Neither is Luke Charpentier.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

A good O-line is the hardest thing to build, and the hardest thing to keep. With the early departure of OG Alvin Bailey (#67 pictured), as well as Tyler Deacon and Jason Peacock finishing their eligibility, there's some definite openings up front for the Razorbacks.

Coming out of high school, Ward was a top-30 guard according to all 3 major recruiting services. The Pottsville native spent the 2012 season working with the scout team as a redshirt, and should have plenty of opportunities to work into rotation as Bielema tries to transition from a primarily pass-blocking offensive line to facilitate a better run game.

Hat tip to #75 Luke Charpentier, who appeared in 8 games on the O-line in 2012 and was inadvertently skipped in our countdown.