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Can Arkansas Break The Melvin Watkins Curse?

We need to discuss this.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure at what point a fluke becomes a trend but I'm pretty certain if falls somewhere before something happening 28 straight times.

After the Razorbacks lost to Texas A&M in January, I was tipped off by our Aggie friends at Good Bull Hunting about a little something called the Melvin Watkins Curse. Apparently, Arkansas assistant coach Melvin Watkins has lost an astonishing 28 consecutive games in which Texas A&M has been a participant. This dates back nine years.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 0 for his last 19 as head coach at Texas A&M in 2004
  • 0 for 8 against Texas A&M while at Missouri (before and throughout the Mike Anderson era) from 2004 - 2011
  • 0 for 1 against Texas A&M while at Arkansas in 2013

If Arkansas loses on Saturday, it will have been at least a solid decade and 30 games separating Watkins from a victory involving the Aggies when Arkansas gets another chance next season.

I'm not sure how this is possible.

Going 0-fer in the Big 12 is no small feat. The Big 12 is a solid conference, but 0-19? Even John Pelphrey managed to win 2 SEC games in his worst year.

Then, losing 9 straight to the Aggies is troubling. Even in Missouri's best years with Anderson they couldn't beat Texas A&M. Combine that with Arkansas arguably throwing up one of its most disappointing efforts of this season in College Station, and it looks like we may have a problem.

Arkansas is the favorite on Saturday and hopefully will sweep this under the rug. As we all know, the Hogs have beaten a lot of good teams in Fayetteville this season and the only loss was to Syracuse back in November. If the Razorbacks lose this game, that is one hell of a curse.