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Arkansas vs Alabama: Stats To Make You Laugh And Cry

Putting the game in a little statistical context.

Kevin C. Cox

0 - Number of fourth down conversions by Alabama. That could be interpreted as an improvement, or it could be interpreted as Alabama didn't need the fourth down to move the chains against Arkansas.

0% - Completion percentage of Alabama backup quarterback Blake Sims. Good job defense!

1 - Missed field goal by Zach Hocker. Well, it wasn't so much missed as it was blocked, but that still counts as a miss. It's the first time Arkansas didn't convert a field goal attempt this season.

2 - Number of Arkansas penalties. Not shabby.

3 - Number of three-and-outs by Arkansas. Big improvement from the previous week.

4 - Number of Arkansas punts in the entire game. Only four. Would've guessed higher. but you consider the turnovers and the blocked field goal, etc, I guess four is about right.

4 - Number of Razorbacks who caught passes vs Alabama, only one of which is a technically a receiver

4.2 - Average rushing yards per attempt by Arkansas. Pretty solid.

7 - Total number of passing completions by Arkansas. Can the Hogs not try more high-percentage passes? How about more screens? Sideline passes? Quick slants? Just a suggestion.

8 - Number of Alabama players who caught passes from AJ McCarron

8 - Scoring drives by Alabama out of 10 total drives

8 - Consecutive SEC games lost by Arkansas

8.7 - Average yards gained per play by Alabama. Arkansas Football - Where We Make You Go Two Plays For a First Down!

9 - Total yardage gained on interception returns by Alabama. No pick-sixes this week!

79 - Total rushing yards by Alex Collins on 18 carries. Average of 4.3 yards per carry. Solid.

91 - Arkansas passing yards. Hey, that's more than triple what we had against South Carolina!

111 - Consecutive points scored by Alabama against Arkansas, dating back to 2011.  Here's the rundown since Arkansas last scored.


532 - Total yards of offense by Alabama

562 - Total kickoff yardage by Alabama. Second week in a row Arkansas has allowed so many point that the opponent gained more points via kickoff than by actual offense. That's insane.