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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: October 21, 2013 - Alabama Reaction, Crazy Fans, Basketball Scrimmage

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Kevin C. Cox

104 unanswered points and counting. 104 unanswered points by Arkansas opponents this season after going up 7-0 on South Carolina, and 111 unanswered against Alabama since 2011. It's getting really bad, guys. And just when it seems like we haven't scored in an eternity, the bye week comes. In Roll Bama Roll's game recap, they called Saturday's game "justifiable homicide." That's just something you don't ever want to hear about a football game. On the bright side, the gauntlet of the schedule finally came to an end. SMILE!!! (Editor's note: Oh, wait, Auburn's a top 20 team now? Let's just keep going.)

Perfectionists are never satisfied. The Crimson Tide finished Saturday's game without giving up a point, penalty or turnover. It was as flawless a game as Alabama has played all season. But Sir Saban still wasn't happy. Arkansas ran for more than the Tide defense's 3.3 yards per carry goal Saturday, and he wasn't happy with the tackling by his defense in the second half. Maybe that's because your third and fourth string was in the game at that point and they're actually human.

We live in a sports world where we try to compare everything. Mike Anderson's first few years as head coach are being compared to Nolan Richardson's, and the inevitable comparison of BMFP's first season to Bielema's. Hogville never ceases to amaze. Enough grammar mistakes to make an English professor stroke out, and plenty of nonfactual statements. Need more? Check out this Arkansas caller on SportsTalk last week. Arkansas fans have to be among the most impatient people out there.

Arkansas basketball will be here before you know it. Hog Wild Hoops, the name of the annual red-white scrimmage this year, has been scheduled for October 27. The men's team will scrimmage starting at 3:30 p.m., and Tom Collen's women's team will be introduced at halftime of the scrimmage. All fans are welcome to come check out the Hog Hoops squad for the final time before the first exhibition November 1.