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Did Texas Conspire To Take Down Bobby Petrino?

I am sure you have probably read or heard by now that Jessica Dorrell and the University of Arkansas came to an agreement that she would resign her position and be paid $14,000 dollars in severance pay. She also agreed not to profit off the recent scandal, which is a big coup for the university in this day and age of tell all books and interviews. A Woo Pig Sooie! to the UofA's legal team, possibly already the true MVPs of the upcoming season.

Something that I wanted to know from early on is just where in Arkansas was Jessica Dorrell from? Which town in the state would forever be known as the hometown of the woman who did her part to bring about Bobby Petrino's downfall and possibly cost the Razorbacks a legit chance at a national title? Well, the answer is no Arkansas town has the shame of being Ms. Dorrell's hometown. It turns out, she is from TEXAS! Well, of course, it had to be Texas! haha.

I say this only in jest, for I am not truly a believer in grand conspiracies. Maybe it came from having just finished reading a John Le Carre spy novel, but I got a good laugh at my imagination's creation of a grand Texas conspiracy to send Jessica Dorrell to the University of Arkansas to play on the volleyball team, fake a potential marriage, seduce the head coach, have him hire her, and then cause Bobby Petrino to somehow have a motorcycle accident and manage not to get hurt herself. Jessica Dorrell, a secret agent, backed by the Longhorns or possibly even the Aggies.

But where the theory certainly falls apart is assuming either Austin or College Station would be smart enough to pull something off this grand, haha. They would probably respond by saying, 'As if we cared about you Pigs enough to send such an agent to Fayetteville." If there are any creative writing types out there needing a ridiculous plot for a college football novel that for once the fiction would be stranger than the reality, here's your title - "The Spy Who Came In From Fayetteville."