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Springdale 5 Saga

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Mitch Mustain Documentary Available For Streaming

The Mustain documentary that premiered at the Little Rock Film Festival back in 2013 is finally available now for public streaming. It should be available via your OnDemand service and through Vudu. You can also buy the DVD from Amazon. It documents Mustain's recruitment, the 2006 season, and what happened to Mustain afterward. Here's my initial review of the film.

Happy 10th Birthday, "I Called That Play, Brotha!"

November 12th marks 10 years to the day since Houston Nutt's most memorable, and most impactful, catchphrase hit the masses.

New Screenings Announced for Mustain Documentary

Here are some new opportunities to see the film for those who've never had a chance, or would like to see it again.

Nutt, Malzahn, Mustain Saga Back In The News

Are the old coaches attempting to rewrite history?

Biggest Villain In Razorback History: FIRST ROUND

We've tallied up your votes and made a pretty solid bracket. Vote now!

Mustain Movie Playing In Hot Springs This Weekend

The Identitiy Theft of Mitch Mustain will screen again this weekend at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival this Friday (October 18) at 8:00 pm and Sunday (October 20) at 2:30 pm.

Featured Fanshot

Mitch Mustain and Houston Nutt Talk 2006 With

Brandon Marcello has been writing a series of excellent articles chronicling Gus Malzahn's rise from his first high school job in the Arkansas Delta to becoming Auburn's head coach. In this piece, he takes a look at Malzahn's one season on the Razorback sidelines, and spoke directly with Mustain and Nutt. While this is at least the third time Mustain has gone on the record this year regarding that season (following the documentary and interview with us), this is the first time Nutt has spoken much about that time in several years.

Our Q&A With Mitch Mustain

After seeing the documentary profiling Mustain's tempestuous time in Arkansas, we caught up with Mustain to ask a few follow-up questions about Gus Malzahn, Houston Nutt, the 2006 Arkansas football team, his 2011 arrest, and more.

Mustain Documentary Report From LR Film Festival

Matthew Wolfe's new film presents the Mustain saga from the perspective of Mustain, as well as those who played with him and covered him. I saw the film Saturday night and here's what I took away form it.

POLL: Hog Fans Really Really Hate Michael Dyer

The venom on message boards and social media makes me wonder, who is the most hated person in all of Razorback fandom?

Mustain Documentary Premiering At LR Film Festival

Watch the trailer for The Identity Theft of Mitch Mustain, narrated by Nolan Richardson(!).

Mitch Mustain Arrested in Los Angeles