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Trailer For Mitch Mustain Documentary Premiering At Little Rock Film Festival

Watch the trailer for The Identity Theft of Mitch Mustain, narrated by Nolan Richardson(!).

Stephen Dunn

This story will never freaking go away.

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The Mitch Mustain saga, which has already been thoroughly documented in books, blogs, message boards, and virtually every other conceivable medium, is getting the film documentary treatment and will premiere in May at the Little Rock Film Festival.

Matthew Wolfe directed the 90-minute film, and per the Fayetteville Flyer:

The film is narrated by former Razorback head basketball coach Nolan Richardson, and includes original music by Fayetteville native Benjamin Del Shreve, Grammy-winning Little Rock songwriter David Hodges (Evanescence), and well-known producer Dan the Automator.

Do I already know the story? Yes. Through and through? Pretty much. Do I ever want to relive it? Hell no. Will I see this movie? If I can make it to Little Rock that weekend, probably.

It's so rich. Like how Shakespeare dramas continue to thrive centuries later even though we all know the story.

My hope is for a dramatic reinterpretation of the infamous Theresa Prewitt email. That's my favorite part of the whole thing, but sadly often forgotten because it's so sick and disgusting.

This is the second Razorback-related documentary coming out this year. A documentary on the 1969 Shootout is premiering at the Dallas Film Festival and producers hope to bring it to the Hot Springs Documentary Festival in October.

h/t: Fayetteville Flyer