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Mitch Mustain Arrested in Los Angeles

In a sad, but ironically-timed, turn of events, Mitch Mustain was arrested in Los Angeles last night on the suspicion of selling prescription narcotics to an undercover police officer.

Mustain's journey from All-Universe high school prospect out of Springdale to suspected felon in California hardly needs to be recapped here, but the fact that it came nearly five years to the day of his hugely-hyped signing with Arkansas in 2006 is a sober reminder that being a five star recruit is no guarantee of success on the football field, much less in life.

Here's hoping that this year's class of new Razorbacks takes note of this lesson, and that Mustain himself is able to get his life back on track as soon as possible.

Update (Feb 3): Los Angeles D.A. decides not to press charges.