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Football Coaching Search 2012

Any Doubt 2012 Was Hogs' Biggest Disaster Ever?

The SEC sites on SB Nation were instructed to do a series to determine the biggest disaster in their program's history. We thought, "aw, that's cute. But really, a series is unnecessary."

Grantland Profile of Bret Bielema & His Hiring

Jordan Conn came to Fayetteville during spring practice back in April, and wrote a fantastic profile of the new Razorback head coach for Grantland, including a detailed look at the hiring process from last fall.

Paul Petrino, Haynes, L Say Stupid & Wrong Things

After spending all of the 2012 season praising the players for not giving up despite extraordinarily bad circumstances, these three guys decide now's a great time to throw the players and Jeff Long under the bus.

Barry Lunney Jr. Named Arkansas Tight Ends Coach

The former Razorback quarterback is the latest addition to Bielema's staff.

George McDonald Leaving Arkansas To Be Syracuse OC

It appears the highly touted wide receivers coach is taking a promotion to join the new staff at Syracuse.

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Arkansas Football Staff Salaries Near $3 Million Total

Chris Bahn: Salary figures for the four most recent Razorback football hires were announced on Thursday and the total assistant compensation pool will likely exceed $3 million when the staff is finalized.

Why Being an Arkansas Fan in 2012 Was That Bad

From Bobby to basketball, there were some bad times for Razorback fans in 2012.

Joel Thomas Named Arkansas Running Backs Coach

Joel Thomas was hired to be Arkansas' running backs coach on Christmas Eve. He's spent the last four years at Washington with an impressive record of developing 1,000-yard rushers each season there.

George McDonald Named Wide Receivers Coach

You wanted a staff with top notch recruiters? You're getting one.

Ben Herbert Named Strength & Conditioning Coach

Herbert is a longtime Badger and fits the traditional strength and conditioning coach profile of someone who is somewhat frightening.

Hog Trough Fancast #39 - Filling in the Blanks

Now that Bret Bielema has been announced as the new head hog, everyone has been anticipating who his supporting staff would be at the University of Arkansas. We go as in-depth as anyone can about people they barely know anything about.

Chris Ash Named Arkansas Defensive Coordinator

Ash is currently in the same position at Wisconsin. He'll join the UA staff officially after the Rose Bowl.

Bielema Sept Note To Long Praises Petrino Firing

Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long had his first official contact with head coaching candidate Bret Bielema on Dec. 3, but Bielema might have popped up on the radar back in September.

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Doc Harper: Bielema Hire Result Of Jeff Long's Impressive Process

After watching Jeff Long go through the last eight months, it’s hard not to look at the hiring of Bret Bielema compared to what other athletic directors did and come away impressed with Long.

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How Bret Met Jen and Still Went To The Rose Bowl

This 2011 article from Fox Sports recounts how Coach Bielema met Mrs. Coach. He's such a big softie. Awwww.

Razorbacks Debut First Bielema Hype Video

Who's ready for 2013?

Bret Bielema is in Place, and it's Time to Recruit

Now that Arkansas finally has their man, it's time for him to begin leaving his mark on the football program as recruiting season startys to heat up. What can we expect? Look no further than Bielema's Wisconsin signing classes for clues.

Bielema is Great. Jeff Long is Better.

Per ususal, Long got his guy and won the hiring game. How he did was all the more impressive.

Hog Trough Fancast #38 - I'm a Bielema!

The coaching search speculation is finally over and Bret Bielema is the new head coach at the University of Arkansas. It's time to nitpick all of the details on the new head hog!

Breaking Down Bielema's Press Conference

Bielema's introductory press conference provided some insight into the new coach's personality and some answers into what may lie ahead for the Hogs

Bielema Brings Refreshing Stability To Arkansas

Ah, routine. Sweet, blissful routine.

Bret Bielema Press Conference Open Thread

What do you think of the new coach?

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Going To Arkansas Huge Win For Bielema

Columnist for the Milwaukee newspapers says Bielema was a good coach who grew up during his time in Madison, and Wisconsin fans may have taken Bielema for granted.

This stream has:

Bret Bielema Hired at Arkansas

Razorback fans, meet your new head coach.

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Perception - Not Facts - Keeps Bret Bielema From Earning Respect

This is a great profile of Bielema from an Iowa newspaper in 2011. The piece goes into Bielema's background, up through his coaching career leading to his first few years at Wisconsin. It highlights personal issues he has dealt with as well as his attributes.

Q&A with Bucky's 5th Quarter

Mike Fiammetta of Wisconsin site Bucky's 5th Quarter provides answers to some obvious initial questions about new Razorback coach Bret Bielema.

Polling All Hogs on Bielema Hire

Let us know what you think about today's big news

It's Bret Bielema

In an absolute shocker, the three-time reigning Big Ten champion coach of the Wisconsin Badgers is on his way to Fayetteville.

It's Gundy! It's not Gundy! HEY, GET IT TOGETHER!

So the Broyles Award ceremonies are going on today, and it turned into quite the fiasco.

Arkansas' Next Head Coach Tracker - 12.3.2012

Taking our weekly (and hopefully final) look at what's going on with the coaches frequently mentioned in connection with the Arkansas job.

James Franklin Agrees To Extension With Vanderbilt

It appears the Commodores head coach will be staying in Nashville for now.

HogTrough Fancast #37 - May The Source Be With You

Each day someone's source confirms a new candidate for the Arkansas Razorbacks head coaching job. Jon Gruden? Chris Petersen? Les Miles?! Here we go.


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