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Razorbacks Debut First Bielema Hype Video

That didn't take long.

Who's ready for 2013?

It doesn't matter that the video features a bunch of players who won't be there next year, especially that last shot of the four seniors from last season (unless Knile stays, which is up in the air right now). Nor does it matter that the video features shots from games we'd like to forget, like the Alabama game, DRAMATIC MUSIC AND PRACTICE SHOTS AND WEIGHTLIFTING SHOTS! AND BIELEMA TALKING AND ROCKET-FULELED FOOTBALL GRAPHICS! WOO FREAKING PIG!

Bielema has only been hired for a couple days, and already the school is cranking up the hype machine. And rightfully so. Since the press conference on Wednesday, I think it's safe to say the fan base is on board and ready to go.

This is coming just in time for recruiting season, which bleeds into donation season, which bleeds into spring practice and season ticket season. So it works perfectly.

Whenever the school brings him out at halftime of a basketball game for his first appearance in front of a large gathering of fans for the first time, it should be electric.