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Mike Gundy Is, Wait No He's, Seriously, y'all, GET IT TOGETHER!

So the Broyles Award ceremonies are going on today, and it turned into quite the fiasco.

Ronald Martinez

In one of the most absurd lunch breaks you'll ever have, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy went from being 99.9% guaranteed to be the next coach at Arkansas to not being the coach at Arkansas.

The craziest part about it, two reporters from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette directly contradicted each other!

Here's where it started:

Followed by Lord Wally

It should be noted, these aren't the only reporters going with this story. 103.7 The Buzz, led by morning show host and Broyles Award leader David Bazzel, apparently reported on radio that it was Gundy. Some sites in Oklahoma said it appeared to be done. editor Trey Biddy tweeted:

Then, of course, Jim Harris tweeted:

All of these generated hundreds of retweets, and plenty of jokes both at Arkansas' expense and the expense of others. All of this in the span of about 10 minutes.