Brett Eibner Walks Off For Kansas City


In just his second game in the majors, former Razorback Brett Eibner is already helping the Royals in a big way.

Scotty Thurman-ology courtesy Guy Whitney


Thurmano's and Thurmana'sDo you need a slow motion video right now? Because i need a slow motion video right now to explain a new term. Whatever dudes you were with when Scotty Thurman hit that shot are forever your Thurmano's. And whichever girls, ladies, women you were with are forever your Thurmana's. If something has happened in the last 22 years to make you not like your Thurmano's or Thurmana's anymore. Fine. But still try to text them on their birthday because that's your family.Posted by Guy Whitney on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Being Bret Bielema Trailer #3 - Recruiting


This is a shorter trailer but gives a nice glimpse of what life is like on the recruiting trail for the coaches. I've often wondered what kind of weird stuff coaches have been asked to deal with on different in-home visits and this gives some insight on that.

Being Bret Bielema Trailer #2


Bret Bielema wants eggnog year round. He seems to believe this very strongly. It's one of the tidbits we learn about Bielema in this the second trailer for the "Being Bret Bielema" thing that's being produced. I'm still not sure what kind of feature this will be, but it will be released in February. The first trailer is here.

Devwah Whaley Talks Arkansas Commitment (VIDEO)


Shortly after committing to Arkansas live on ESPN2, Devwah Whaley talked about why he picked the Razorbacks, what he's looking forward to in Fayetteville, and what his in-home visit with Bielema was like. Seems like a cool kid. He also led all runners in the Under Armour All-America with 12 carries for 47 yards. Watch his actual commitment here.

Arkansas Releases Liberty Bowl Hype Video


Not bad. Nicely incorporates some highlights from the Cotton Bowl against K-State with highlights from this season. I especially like highlighting all the different towns the Hogs have won in this year.

RB Devwah Whaley Talks Arkansas, Texas, Georgia


Whaley is preparing to play in this weekend's Under Armor All-America game, and apparently will announce his commitment during the game between the Hogs, Horns, and Dawgs. There had been a report from a Texas recruiting site that he'd wait to announce on National Signing Day after taking official visits to Miami and Texas, but if he's announcing on Saturday, obviously that won't happen. Whaley is considered one of the top running backs in the country and would be a huge pick-up for the Razorbacks.

Mitch Mustain Documentary Available For Streaming


The Mustain documentary that premiered at the Little Rock Film Festival back in 2013 is finally available now for public streaming. It should be available via your OnDemand service and through Vudu. You can also buy the DVD from Amazon. It documents Mustain's recruitment, the 2006 season, and what happened to Mustain afterward. Here's my initial review of the film.

Georgia Fires Mark Richt


This is our favorite moment of the Mark Richt era at Georgia. Farewell, Coach. Arkansas and Georgia have never played frequently, but there were some classic moments in a few games. One of Darren McFadden's first big games came in Athens in 2005. Now we wait to see if this coaching change could impact Devwah Whaley's commitment to the Bulldogs.

Vote for Barrett Baber and Watch "Right Here Waiting"


We've written a few posts about Baber so far while he's been on The Voice. He's in the part of the competition where fans can vote him on to the next round. If you're not familiar, Baber is an Arkansas native who currently lives in Fayetteville and teaches at Fayetteville High School. He's a big Hog fan, and is actually friends with BVC, our writer who pens Feel The Rhythm each week.

There are four ways you can vote for Barrett Baber. Download his song on iTunes, get The Voice app, search NBC The Voice on Facebook, or go to