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Razorback basketball signee, Nick Smith, Jr . rises to #1 in recruiting rankings!

When you put in the work there’s usually a lot of success to be had.l depending on how you look at it.

Arkansas-based trainer, Bart Reid, told me four years ago that there was an eighth grader tearing up the junior high and summer league circuits. In his own words,

“Nick Smith will be the best player in the country. He could be the best player to ever come through the state.”

Call it fortune telling, prophesy or knowing his stuff. Reid was right and Smith is the best player in the country as a senior.

Smith has seen a steady rise through the rankings since being evaluated as a sophomore and top 25 player. He went from just outside the top 20 to 6th and now 1st overall. He headlines the 2022 class along with two other McDonald’s five-star All-American’s in Jordan Walsh and Anthony Black.

Smith had an outstanding season for the Charging Wildcats finishing with 26.5 points, 8 rebounds and 7.3 assists en route to a second straight class 6A title.