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Culture & Leadership: A New Era on the Hill

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Arkansas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t know it by now, the Hogs beat Texas A&M on Saturday to improve to 4-0 for the first time since 2003. On Sunday, the Hogs slid in at No. 8 in the updated AP Top 25 poll. Their highest ranking since the 2012 season. Sam Pittman’s Razorbacks are firing on all cylinders and experiencing well-deserved success. With week five on the horizon, this fun-filled season is moving faster than I would prefer, but that is just fine considered the improvements we’re experiencing. It is hard to believe where this football program was just a few short years ago compared to the events of the last few weekends.

On Saturday, Sam Pittman was featured in a College Gameday segment highlighting the culture he has created in Fayetteville. The Hogs followed the feature with a dominating performance over the Aggies. In his post-game press conference, it appeared that Pittman was on the verge of tears when discussing the pride he feels in his football team based on their recent success. I wish we could let the coach know that we feel the same way about his efforts and commitment to putting Arkansas back in the spotlight, and he has done just that.

It gets even cooler…

Many fans may have seen Eric Musselman and Dave Van Horn on the sidelines in Arlington on Saturday. Last week, Pittman called his fellow head coaches to invite them to join the football team on the sidelines for Saturday’s matchup. Following the win, all three coaches embraced for a celebratory hug for Pittman. It felt like the interaction catapulted what has already been a fantastic year for Razorback athletics. Pittman, Musselman, and Van Horn have their teams in the top ten in their respective sports. So now we get to sit back to keep enjoying the ride. Pittman’s job in a short two years is incredible, and the future is as bright as ever. It is a special, special time on the hill right now. Enjoy it, Hog fans!