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PREDICTIONS! Arkansas vs Texas A&M

What do the boys at Arkansas Fight have to say about the upcoming matchup in Jerry’s World? It’s a Razorback sweep!

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

PETE: I’m avoiding betting this game like it’s the plague. There are way too many variables at stake here, especially with this being the first game away from Fayetteville for the Hogs this season and A&M rolling with their backup quarterback. If somebody had a gun to my head and told me I had to place one wager on this game or I die, I’m taking the under at 47.5. A&M will be the best defense KJ has seen since playing LSU as a freshman while Arkansas will be the best defense that Zach Calzada, the Aggie’s quarterback, has seen thus far. Accuracy has been a problem for KJ, and that could lead to some turnovers that keep the Hogs from reaching their season average of 41.0 points per game. Colorado also held A&M to 10 points, so take the under if you must bet.

This is the best coordinator duo that Arkansas has had going into this matchup with the Aggies when both teams are in the SEC, besides last year of course but that doesn’t count. Kendal Briles has the offense rolling while Odom’s defense has looked elite up to this point. When a game like this has so many variables, I think it’s best to take into consideration the leadership that each program has on both sides of the ball. Despite what you think of these two men, they have their squads rolling at this point. Like I mentioned, I wouldn’t touch this game with a 10 ft. pole in terms of betting, but I kind of have to go with the hot hand in terms of making a prediction. Arkansas wins in a low scoring affair. They will be 4-0 heading into Athens. Oh! And thank god for Razorback kicker Cam Little, we are going to need him.

Arkansas 23, Texas A&M 20

BEN: Is this the year? Could this finally be the year? It’s no secret Arkansas has turned things around. Meanwhile, A&M hasn’t looked great to start this season. Their offense has been lackluster and now they are without their starting QB. I’ve seen many Hog fans talk about how A&M has struggled against the run. There’s some truth to that, but let’s not forget they have allowed just 17 points through 3 games. Their defense has still played pretty well.

This won’t be easy for Arkansas, but we all know how weird this game can get. It does every year!

So what the heck? Let’s get weird.

Arkansas 24 Texas A&M 20

DAN: If you asked me prior to the season starting what teams I want to beat the most in 2021, Texas A&M would be at the top of that list. For nine years, the Aggies have had the Hog’s number, and for nine years, Arkansas has fallen short.

Enter the Pittman Era. Coach Pittman has been breaking streaks and has his guys playing as hard as they possibly can for him. I think this is the year, but I would like to remind Hog fans to make a trip to the drug store to get some heart attack meds. Texas A&M stacks up on paper better than Arkansas, but I think hard work beats talent in this one.
Arkansas wins 27-24

JACOB: Arkansas isn’t desperate for respect but this week the hate has been turned up a notch. A lot of people on the Aggies side think that this will be a route by Texas A&M.

Now is the time for Arkansas to put away the long losing streak of nine games in a row. The perfect storm is a brewin’ for the Razorbacks to pull out a huge victory over their hated rival Aggies. The Razorback defense will line up against an inexperienced Texas A&M offensive line, a backup quarterback and a quality running game. This game will come down to the brute force along the line of scrimmage. Whoever is tougher in the trenches wins this one.

My prediction is that this game will be tied in the third quarter until Arkansas exhorts their will in the run game. It won’t be 300 yards rushing but the Hogs will run for more than 200. Arkansas scores two touchdowns while wearing down the Aggies defense and sit on the game clock for the majority of the second half. Cam Little scores on a field goal from 32 yards out to go up 17.

Hogs win. Hogs cover.

Arkansas 27, Texas A&M 10