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For Once, The Pigskin gods Are On The Hogs Side When It Comes To Officiating

Georgia Southern v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Too many times the Arkansas Razorbacks will be on a roll in football only to be blindsided by an officiating gaffe by the one and only Marc Curles.

Razorback fans learned of this head referee and his band of lackeys in 2009. There was a game in the Swamp that day between the Hogs and Florida Gators with the home team in trouble against an upstart football team from Fayetteville, Ark. That day there hedge of protection was wrapped around Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators with the officiating crew focused on becoming famous for all the wrong reasons. Insuring that the Gators not lose to a muddy pig.

That day we learned of the name of Marc Curles who made two awful personal foul calls during a game-tying drive during the fourth quarter.

Most recently Curles and company produced such a great showing with incidents with Auburn/Ole Miss last season and just last weekend between Mississippi State and Memphis. These guys betrayed one of their own and let a conference team lose and out-of-conference game on the road. Come on man!

The worry this week however has been Curles and his crew being in Arlington this Saturday for the Southwest Classic between Arkansas and Texas A&M. With momentum on their side and a chance to leap into the top-ten the Hogs could ill afford a bad call, two or three with him calling a game. Tripping on Skipper on a long run that could’ve led to a score and put the game out of reach? Really, another terrible call on Curles watch.

Luckily, he won’t be there and the Razorbacks have a crew with a referee crew I never heard of. Keeping it fresh, yall! Crisis averted. Go win this thing, Hogs!