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Hopeful Takeaways For Week Three Versus Georgia Southern

Jacob Davis/Arkansas Fight

We have arrived at the eve of another gameday on the hill. Granted, the hype in Fayetteville is relatively lower than last week when Texas came to town, but tomorrow is a big game for the reborn Hogs to keep the momentum going.

Here are a few takeaways I hope to see after the final whistle blows inside DWRRS tomorrow.


The Hogs torched the Longhorns on the ground last week. This week, Kendall Briles and company need to get it going through the air. The Hogs have weapons on the perimeter in De’VionWarren and Treylon Burks, and we have not seen the explosive plays from them that we saw last year. Tomorrow can be a great opportunity to get KJ’s confidence in the passing game going before starting conference play next week. If the Hogs can air it out and pound the ball like we saw last week … watch out!


Fans could not have dreamt of a better performance from the Razorback defense last week. I hope to see the dominance continue tomorrow for the unit. There were a few occasions against Texas where the Arkansas secondary was beaten deep. Eliminating potential big plays through the air will be critical in conference play but may not be a concern this week due to Georgia Southern’s option-oriented offense.

Special Teams:

The improvements from week one to two were huge for the special teams unit. Let us hope the elimination of penalties continues tomorrow. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Cam Little get the chance to knock another one in from deep.

Go Hogs!