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PREDICTIONS! Arkansas vs Georgia Southern

What the Arkansas Fight staff believe happens on Saturday as Arkansas takes on Georgia Southern.

Texas v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

BEN: Georgia Southern’s triple option attack may make this one a snoozer. GSU isn’t a good football team this year and they will eat a lot of clock.

It is a bit of a trap game for Arkansas coming off a huge win and with the big matching with Texas A&M next week.

I still think Arkansas will win handily, but maybe not by as wide of a margin as some think.

Arkansas 34 Georgia Southern 10

DAN: After an emotional win last week, Coach Pittman needs to get his guys refocused. This has all the makings of a trap game, with it being sandwiched between Texas and Texas A&M. Georgia Southern has been a competitor in the Sun Belt for the last few years, and they get their starting quarterback back after a suspension sidelined him earlier this year.

I don’t think the Hogs lose this game. The staff is too good at focusing their guys on the task at hand. Still, there will certainly be an emotional hangover of some kind from the win last weekend, and that’s why this game will be closer than most think. Hogs win, but it’s not going to be the blowout some expect.

Hogs win 42-27.

PETE: You will probably hear that this will be a hangover game from a lot of experts heading into Saturday. However, I really think that the momentum from last week will carryover, especially with the matchup being held at DWRRS. The crowd is ready to reward this team for their effort, even against a lesser opponent (a.k.a. cupcake.)

I predicted that Texas would win a close game last week, but I couldn’t have been happier to be wrong. I was amongst the crowd that wasn’t impressed with KJ in Week 1 against Rice, or the rest of the offense for that matter, including Kendal Briles. With the offensive line rolling the way they did last week though, I don’t see Georgia Southern being able to stop the run. The only way this game will be close is if Briles gets cute with the gameplan again. My advice to him, which is worthless, would be to save the experimental stuff until the game is out of hand.

I think Arkansas covers the spread, but I’m confident in putting my money on the over. Despite how great the defense has been for the Hogs, the triple option look that Georgia Southern shows is so rare that it may take a few drives to adjust, leading to a few scores minimum.

It’s time to stop praying that Arkansas doesn’t lose to a non-P5 team and start praying again for no injuries. I really want to see Malik play the whole fourth quarter. Let’s get back to the good old days.

Arkansas 45, Georgia Southern 17


Arkansas won’t be in for a letdown this week as they face Georgia Southern. The fact that the Hogs have been putting in work to stop the triple option will bode well for them. I don’t expect this game to be close at all. In fact, I think it will be out of hand by halftime.

I’ve gone back and forth on how I think this game goes but I figure the Razorbacks rush for over 300 yards and pass for another 200 yards or so. Malik Hornsby will come in and play meaningful snaps, too. The first string defense holds the Eagles to a shutout but the second and third string allow some sort of scoring late.

Arkansas 58, Georgia Southern 10

GRAHAM: I think we try to open up the pass game with KJ Jefferson on Saturday. This game could be a slow to start due to both teams loving to run the ball. Once Arkansas gets rolling they won’t be stopped.

28-10 Hogs