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Razorback Basketball: Moving Forward

NCAA Basketball: Hofstra at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

This is an interesting time for Razorback basketball, but there are still some things we can look to for comfort. Here we are, 9-2 and coming off two rather frustrating losses and SEC is play is looming.

I don’t think we need to panic, but it isn’t wrong to be a little concerned.

Let’s go over a few points that might help put things into perspective and why we might not need to panic just yet.

The season is still young:

Yes, SEC play is close, but we still haven’t even made it to conference play. This team has another non-conference game tomorrow (Elon). This is a must-win and “get back on track” game for the Razorbacks. OU and Hofstra forced the issue with our inability to shoot the ball. If we don’t fix this, we will continue to struggle.

This final non-conference game is an excellent chance for us to try some new things, branch out with different players, anything to ignite a spark. I think everyone is in agreement that the shooting woes might not just “work itself out”.

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The rotation will iron out:

Early last season, Devo Davis and Jaylin Williams were hardly seeing any action in the rotation. Eric Musselman referenced this in his press conference with media members today. This current rotation has had its frustrating moments, but I do think we will eventually find that missing link for this team.

Could players like KK Robinson or Jaxon Robinson start to see more playing time? Point guard play has been a consistent issue, will a rotation change fix this?

Trust Muss:

This two game stretch has undoubtedly been Eric Musselman’s darkest spot during his Razorback head coaching career. It’s no fun losing, that’s no secret and it’s unacceptable here at Arkansas.

Musselman doesn’t like to lose either, he’s voiced numerous times how competitive he is and losing basketball games drives him insane.

I have no reason not to trust that Eric Musselman will figure this rotation and shooting bug out. Sometimes other things gel quicker than others. We also need to find something to aid in our defensive play, hopefully an emphasis on rotation change or a small tweak could help us there too.

It will be very interesting to see how the game against Elon evolves tomorrow night. The national rankings are gone, frustration is high and it is now gut-check time for this team.

How will the Hogs respond being home at Bud Walton?