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Reasons to Hate: Texas Tech

Last season, we proved how strong our hate was. This year, we need it more than ever.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest. After last week, we're hating pretty much anybody bothering to look at us right now.

1) They probably watched our film this week. That's just rude.

2) Texas Tech won last week. Screw them. Wish we could have played UTEP again like they did.

3) They're in Texas

4) Kliff Kingsbury. With a convincing win over UTEP last Saturday, his coaching record now sits just over .500.  Last season, Kingsbury received a raise that paid him $775,000 per win.  While I'm not sure he's the guy I would want coaching my football team, he's definitely the guy I want negotiating my contract, because that's impressive.  When Kingsbury became head coach in Lubbock, he needed a little bit more just to sweeten the pot... Kingsbury was given creative control over the Red Raider Uniforms.  "Kliff I've seen you putting in a lot of extra hours this week, are you putting together some new plays to really put us over the top this season?"  "I can't decide if it's red pants and black shirts or black pants and red shirts!  It's TOO HARD"  I don't know if Kliff has great fashion sense, or if I just think he does because he looks like Ryan Gosling.  Regardless, I think he's too caught up in other stuff to really coach a team.

5) Arkansas, TTU, UTEP. While Arkansas won by 35, Texas Tech had to win by 49, just to give themselves some good feelings going into Fayetteville.  It's hard to see a football program that has so little confidence after a poor 2014 showing that they need to score so many points against the little guys.

6) Offensive Identity. What if I told you at the beginning of the season that Texas Tech would have more rushing yards than the Hogs, and that Arkansas would be ranked 12th overall in passing yards when the Red Raiders made the trip to Fayetteville?  You'd call me crazy, but maybe you'd be kind of excited? Let's be honest, we love seeing that ball fly through the air.  I'm sure some of you were watching Texas Tech last year, and thought, it would be nice to pass the ball more. Now look what you've done!  I blame you Texas Tech.  I hate your Air Raid attack.  Arkansas outrushed TTU by over 300 yards last season.  That would be enough to put us ahead of them in the overall rushing yards for the season.  Let's do that again this year, and maybe bring my hate back down to a seethe.

7) The Underdog Factor errr... Being the Favorite. If you went to your bookie and tried to make a bet on Arkansas to cover the spread, you actually need to be betting on Arkansas and giving Texas Tech 11.5 points. Last year's win in Lubbock has still given Vegas and betters a lot of faith in the Razorbacks.  Thankfully this Arkansas team still has a lot to play for, and one loss last week doesn't have to define the season, but Texas Tech is playing with house money against the Hogs.  They don't have to win to still have a successful season. Texas Tech is going to be out there with some stupid uniform combo, slinging the ball around as much as they can on offense, letting ESPN show close-ups of that giant Adam's Apple, and generally being Texas Tech.  They don't have a care in the world and I hate them for it.  Let's watch that big offensive line shove it down their throats to the tune of 400 yards again, right the ship and give us a week to feel like everything is right with the world.