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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Sept. 14 - Offense's Identity, SEC Power Poll, SEC Narrative AND MORE


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There are so many places you could start when trying to pick apart exactly what happened Saturday in Arkansas' 16-12 upset loss to Toledo. The offensive line hasn't been good the first two weeks and, as a result, the running game has been subpar for Bret Bielema standards. Also, a quarterback many call a game manager slung it from the pocket 53 times. The middle of the field defensively has been a glaring weakness, giving up long gains against both UTEP and Toledo. Well stick with the offense here, because the defense hasn't been bad. Arkansas' offense, whatever it is, didn't help the defense Saturday. (Although getting next to zero pressure on the quarterback in two weeks is a discussion that needs to be had, too.)

Arkansas dropped from a top 20 team to barely being in the top 50 in the latest coaches poll, votes-wise. And you can't really blame anyone for listing the Razorbacks so low and giving them hardly a top 25 vote. After this past weekend they don't deserve one. It's that simple. It all goes back to the identity of the team. What is it right now? If you ask Team Speed Kills, it's the 13th best team in the league after two weeks.

People love to poke holes in the logic that the SEC is the strongest and best conference in college football whenever they can. This past weekend gave the naysayers all the ammo they needed. Auburn looked like hot garbage against Jacksonville State, Tennessee let a big lead get away in a loss to Oklahoma, which led to its fans getting cursed at and flipped off postgame. And then Arkansas losing to Toledo ... It wasn't a good week to be in the SEC.

And for your reading enjoyment, here is a Texas Tech thread discussing whether or not the Red Raiders can come to Fayetteville and beat Arkansas.

Tweet of the Week

Not Razorback related, but I figure we have a few Cowboys fans in the house, too.