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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: April 7 - Arkansas' O-Line, Brandon Allen, Malik Monk AND MORE

Plus, way-too-early college hoops top 25 rankings, and the Tweet of the Week!

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It's no secret Arkansas will have one of the top offensive lines in the country this fall. Last season it was a monstrous group, bigger than most of the guys protecting the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo. 2015 will undoubtedly be more of the same "OHMYGOD THEY'RE SO BIG" talk, but the O-line is expected to be even better. Why? Because Sam Pittman, the architect of this mammoth wall, is plugging guys in at positions they're best at. It's not rocket science, but it's going to make Arkansas even more intimidating up front. Razorback fans thought last year's line was fun to watch – and it was – but just wait until the Hogs have their best five guys lined up in their best spots.

Then-junior Brandon Allen showed a good deal of leadership last season en route to Arkansas winning seven games and smashing LSU, Ole Miss and Texas to close out the year. One of Allen's largest improvements in 2014 was valuing the football. If a play wasn't there, he didn't force it and lived to play another down. In 2013 he threw 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, and last season raised his TD count to 20 while lowering his picks to just five. Something else that's interesting about Allen's season was three of his five INTs came in home games – just two (Auburn (which wasn't his fault) and MSU) came on the road. He – for the most part – did well protecting the football, and that's key with Arkansas' style of play.

So the Malik Monk kid in Bentonville is pretty good, yeah? Monk was in action over the weekend at Bentonville High School for what I suppose was the opening AAU tournament of the year, The Warmup, and he put on a show. I was able to catch his Friday night game against Elfrid Payton Elite out of Louisiana when he and another Arkansas target, Melvin Frazier, went head-to-head. Monk is widely regarded as one of the top players, if not the top, in his class for 2016, and his new mixtape from last weekend only reassures it.

With the end of every collegiate season comes the hoard of way-too-early top 25 rankings and fans freaking the hell out if their favorite team is left off in place of someone who is actually more deserving. CBS Sports has released theirs, which Arkansas fans may have a gripe over, and USA Today released theirs with the Razorbacks firmly in the top 25. A lot, and I mean a lot, hinges on the decisions of Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls, and we all know that. This weekend will mark three weeks since the end of Arkansas' season, so shouldn't we be expecting something definitive soon?


Tweet of the Week

Ah, screw it. I'm in.