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Randy Ramsey Returning to the Arkansas Razorbacks?

Arkansas could desperately use another linebacker.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A buzz is circulating that linebacker Randy Ramsey could be returning to the Razorbacks.

He's apparently been in contact with several Arkansas media members and says he's talked with Bret Bielema about returning. Ramsey played linebacker for Arkansas as a true freshman in 2014 and showed glimpses of great promise, but academic issues forced him to leave school.

Bielema said in May when Ramsey left, "it's NCAA and University of Arkansas guidelines that you have to pass a certain number of hours to get to where you need to be and obviously he didn't make that." According to the story in the tweet, Ramsey has been taking online classes in an effort to make it back to Fayetteville.

Ramsey clearly would have made a significant impact on the 2015 Razorbacks as the team eventually only really played with two linebackers. His presence could have made a big difference in a couple of games.

Bielema is scheduled to address the media on Saturday and is expected to be asked about this situation at that time.