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Breaking Down Film From Arkansas and Auburn's Four Overtimes

One for the history books, Arkansas was able to right some OT stumbles of the past and came out with a win.

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What can be said about a game that goes down through four overtimes? Arkansas was in control for most of the game and Auburn made some plays to tie it up late like they always seem to do.

Arkansas Offense

Brandon Allen finally came through in the critical moment. His production throughout the rest of the game was on par with what we have been seeing consistently this season. It was the plays down the stretch that will turn the tide of opinion, for now anyway.

19/31 233 yards and 3 TDs. End of discussion, save all the QB controversy for next spring.

That magic number is still under 25 attempts per game and going into overtime, as Allen had thrown under 20 passes in regulation, then went 10/13 in overtime.

Passing Targets Wk 8

Drew Morgan has taken the lead in targets and receptions. There is just so much attention to Hunter Henry in the passing game, but he was still able to come up big in the first OT on 3rd and 8. The loss of Jojo Robinson has to hurt, but his production was not anything incredible so far.

Arkansas Defense

The D was not great, giving up over 400 yards total and 8/17 on 3rd downs. But they made the plays at the end when it counted. Dre Greenlaw had another incredible game earning himself SEC Freshmen of the Week honors. The secondary at times gave up some long completions, but there is not enough that can be said about the resiliency of that group.

OT Breakdown

For me the most important part of this OT was the play calling, Dan Enos put the Arkansas offense in situations that were favorable, threw in a few tricks and counters, and it turned into a win.

As most teams do in overtime Arkansas chose to play defense first. The Auburn offense came out rolling calling the same play three times in a row and scoring easily giving Arkansas fans flashbacks of past overtime situations with Texas A&M.

ARK vs Aub 1st OT TD

After a quick score Arkansas gets the ball, and does not get much on first and second down. Hunter Henry comes through on 3rd down and the Hogs are back in business at the Auburn 13.


An end around to Drew Morgan only gains 3 yards on first down, a check down to Alex Colins picks up 4 on second, but an incomplete pass on 3rd puts the Arkansas offense in a make or break spot.

4th 3 TD

Arkansas gets the ball first and scores in three plays in the 2nd OT.

The Auburn offense takes 6 plays to score forcing a third OT.

Auburn gets the ball right back in the 3rd OT first and rolled down the field in 4 plays and converted the 2 point as required after the 2nd OT.

In the second part of the 3rd OT Arkansas stalls at the Auburn 4 yard line and lines up for this crucial 4th down play with the game on the line.

4th 2 OT Top

4th 2 OT Bottom

Arkansas converts the critical 2 point play on a pass to Jeremy Sprinkle rolling to the right and the Auburn defense closing in on Allen.

Arkansas then gets the ball back and Drew Morgan breaks a tackle on the freshmen corner and dives into the end zone.

Auburn has the pressure now and must score and convert to force another OT.

4th down ot PBU

What a finish to this game, and if last season is an indicator going through a game like this will set the Hogs up to be a nightmare in November.