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Arkansas Recruiting: New Commit Highlight Videos - Week 8

There was plenty of action among the Razorback commits this weekend.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

DL Briston Guidry

As a defensive lineman, he may not be fast enough to be on kickoff coverage in the SEC, but Guidry sure made some big plays this past weekend on special teams. The first two plays he gets through his blockers and makes a solid tackle. He also makes some excellent stops up the middle, stuffing the running back at the line. He also shows good recognition of the play action and sacks the quarterback around :55 seconds in.

ATH T.J. Hammonds

The second play of the video ends up being a nifty trick play, the double reverse ends up in a screen pass to Hammonds, who uses his blockers very well to get down field. Instead of running away from them he is able to weave between them to get a pretty substantial gain. :28 seconds in he makes an excellent move at the goal line to score. He also shows some excellent physicality on a run at about :40 on the clock. He bounces off multiple tackles to get some extra yards.

DB Deon Edwards

Right off the bat Edwards makes a solid play, getting off his block well then getting straight to the ball carrier and making an open field tackle. At this point any video of a defender coming to the Hill making an open field tackle is a reason to celebrate. :50 seconds into the video he also makes a touchdown saving tackle after watching his teammate get obliterated by the running back.

ATH Kiel Pollard

Pollard does such a good job at wide receiver I selfishly would like to see him catching passes next season, but even with the switch to defense there are many positives to be seen. He consistently is very physical week in and week out. He makes an excellent block down field around :30 seconds into the video. He is also very good in traffic and doesn't shy away from the pass in the middle. All these things can apply to playing defense and he could be successful very quickly.

DL Austin Capps

This week Capps' video is entirely on the offensive line, but he makes some big hits. The first play he pulls around to the right side and sends a defensive end straight backwards springing a big run that nearly turns into a touchdown. It is a little difficult to see at first but the second angle shows just how hard he hit his defender making this run possible. He also later shows some agility and makes a solid downfield block.