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Arkansas Recruiting: Commit Videos - Week 7

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

LB Alexy Jean-Baptiste

Arkansas needs some depth at LB so the next two recruits are going to be important for the Hogs in the near future. Jean-Baptiste does an excellent job in this video of shedding his blocker and getting to the running back quickly. He could also make an immediate impact for the Hogs on special teams. In this week's video he makes some big hits on both punt and kickoff coverage.

LB De'Jon Harris

Harris spends most of this video as a wildcat quarterback but does get some linebacker action starting around :25 seconds into the video. What's most impressive is his ability to cover ground down both sidelines. He shows good pursuit in both the run game and passing game. He doesn't wrap up as well as you would like but does have a nice sack towards the end of the video.

TE Grayson Gunter

At 6-5, 230 lbs, Gunter is built a lot like Hunter Henry, and his style of play is also very similar. I'm not a huge fan of comparing recruits to other players, and clearly he wont have the same impact immediately as Henry, but it's hard not to see the similarities when watching Gunter play. Both have good hands, and Gunter even has a similar running style when going upfield after making the catch. Once he gets onto campus I would expect Bielema and Enos to utilize him in a very similar way to Henry.

QB Cole Kelley

Kelley shows some maturity and some immaturity as a quarterback in this video, which is to be expected from a high school senior. The first play is a prime example, he does an excellent job stepping into the pocket and finding space. After that though the deep throw into double coverage probably won't fly in the SEC even though it worked out for him here. Through out the video he does an excellent job of stepping up and showing his athleticism, and his decision making is a very coachable thing.

OL Jake Heinrich

To make sure we're showing as many different players as possible, this video of Heinrich is a couple weeks old but still shows some good stuff. Heinrich plays on both the left and right side of the offensive line and his team runs behind him nearly every play. He his clearly the best player on the field and does an excellent job of holding onto his block for the entire play. Give him a season of Body by Herb and he could easily get over 300 lbs.