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Arkansas Recruiting: Commit Highlights - Week 5

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

TE Grayson Gunter

Now these are videos posted to show the players in the best possible light so its important to remember that any negative plays are not here, but Gunter shows repeatedly two very important skills for tight ends. First he gets off the line of scrimmage and into his route very quickly. The second is that he shows excellent hands. He gains full control very quickly which is big because he gets hit quickly and will only get hit quicker when playing against SEC defenses. He also does an excellent job of run blocking at 17 seconds in, completing the block through the entire play.

LB Alexy Jean-Baptiste

The 15 seconds are a bit of a mess, which happens occasionally when you have whatever volunteer shooting the game with what is most likely a camcorder. Moving past that, Jean-Baptiste shows repeatedly that his strength is coming up and stopping the run game. On the final play of the video, he comes in and blows up the kick coverage on an onside kick, and it appears make a huge impact, allowing his teammates to recover.

LB De'Jon Harris

Right off the bat Harris does a solid job on kickoff coverage, which could be helpful in his freshman season. The rest of the video switches off between his quarterback and linebacker play. As a quarterback he shows himself to be a physical runner which is good but the focus will be on his defensive play. His best play comes at 1:10 in where he keeps containment on the quarterback and is able to hold on for just long enough to pick up the sack.

ATH T.J. Hammonds

The first play of the video (which is replayed from another angle) is impressive in that Hammonds shows excellent acceleration, but gets to the endzone completely untouched. His second touchdown of the game shows some more individual skill. Hammonds cuts upfield making an impressive move past a linebacker and getting into the endzone. Throughout the video he does an excellent job of using his speed to get to the outside, a couple of times he gets very close to turning the corner completely for a huge gain. One thing to keep an eye on is that all the runs came from the shotgun. If Hammonds gets involved with the running game there may be an adjustment period moving to some I-formation plays.

OL Jake Heinrich

Now that Heinrich is the lone offensive line commit currently for the Hogs, let's take a look at his game. This week's video comes in at a whopping 3 minutes long, but conveniently doesn't use spotlight arrows until 2:30 into the video. Heinrich is number 75 and play after play drives his defender five yards backwards and straight to the ground. This video primarily shows his skills as a run blocker. His team almost exclusively runs behind him and picks up some significant yards despite some pretty poor skill position players and a lot of that is due to the hole that Heinrich provides.