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Arkansas vs. Texas A&M Review: A Glass Case of Emotion

I've been a Hog fan all my life and I still act like this can't really be happening, AGAIN.

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Pretty much sums it up:



I can't possibly make all of my #hottakes into one fluid column, so I'm going to take it topic by topic this week.

Dan Skipper

Stop blaming the refs for his tripping call, Hog fans. I know it's in our blood to blame the refs, but that was so blatantly obvious they couldn't let it go. Are refs sometimes so dumb that they don't which way to face when reporting a call? Yes, but everyone saw that trip. This isn't a "DAN SKIPPER YOU COST THE HAWGS THE GAME" comment. It is simply the point in the game that the momentum swung against the Hogs. It's a team sport blah blah blah and plenty of other things contributed to the Razorback's loss.

John Henson

I don't blame John Henson, I blame Bielema. How is this former walk-on suppose to have any confidence when Bielema comes out earlier in the season and says he doesn't trust the kid kicking anything over 42 yards? Also, did Cole Hedlund really not win this job in the off-season? If the kid is as good as they say he is, he should have just started as a freshman like Zach Hocker did. Don't forget, A&M's kicker missed a field goal in this game as well.

Jim Chaney's play-calling

I wish someone on Monday Night Countdown would dedicate their "C'mon Man" to some of those play calls. A tight end reverse with AJ Derby? That's as bad as a quarterback draw with AJ Derby.

The Fake Punt

That play had me screaming like a pre-teen girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I'm proud Sam Irwin-Hill was smarter than his fellow Aussie countryman, Brad Wing, and didn't get an unsportsmanlike penalty call that negated the touchdown.

Can the Hogs pick one center and stick with him?

Their obviously needs to be continuity in practice with who is going to be the center when Brandon Allen takes the snaps. Switching out centers didn't help with the fumbled snaps.

The "it should have been a false start" play that won it for the Aggies

Yes, it should have been a false start. However, they could have ran that same play from the 30 and he STILL would have scored a touchdown.

Kenny Hill

Kenny Trill/Hill/Football whatever, shut the hell up I hate you as much as Johnny Manziel now.

Verne Lundquist

I love Uncle Verne, but I know the man is well past his prime. Pro tip: flip your roster sheet because you are reading everyone's name backwards. It's not "Henry Hunter" or "Hatcher Keon." Hunter Henry's mom even tweeted at CBSSports that she named her son "Hunter Henry." If that's what his momma calls him, that's what I'm going to call him.

White helmets

I hate them. The Hogs always lose in them (I know. Texas Tech. But it still feels like that's the only win in white helmets in the modern era). They are bad luck. It is science. Get rid of them.

The Hogs are so close, yet so far away

These guys just don't know how to win a SEC game yet. It is that simple. Between Rutgers, Mississippi State, LSU from last year and now Texas A&M this year, the Hogs just can't close the deal.


Rants over. Moving on.