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Texas A&M Preview: Q&A with Good Bull Hunting

Dr. Norris Camacho and James Gardner join us for this week's Q&A.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

AF: Were you guys as surprised as everyone else by Kenny Hill's week one performance?

Dr. Norris Camacho: I was surprised, but not shocked. Hill comes from one of the premier high school programs in the state (same one as Chase Daniel and Greg McElroy) and he's had two years of working with Spavital under his belt.

Gardner: Hill's numbers were pretty staggering, but I truly was most surprised with the strides the defense made. I thought they were going to get absolutely maimed. They gave up some big plays, but they fundamentally looked miles ahead of where they were last year.

AF: What do you guys think about the now 12.5 point spread? Also, you definitely take the over this week, right?

Gardner: Yeah, I usually just blurt "over" whenever we play before even knowing the total. 12.5 is a weird spread. I wouldn't touch this game if gambling on sports events was legal in the great state of Texas. Because I've never done that. Nope. Anyway, I don't think A&M will cover that margin.

AF: Give us your views on Bert.

Camacho: Needs a filter. He's not interesting or funny enough to not have a filter. Football-wise, he's okay.

Gardner: I mean this as a compliment - he's the big dumb oaf of the fraternity. Through some happenchance, he found a lucrative, high-profile career, got a hot wife, etc. He doesn't really have a way with words and seems to have a sizable chip on his shoulder. I like that he runs the ball, but I don't know if he'll ever be one of the top coaches in the SEC West.

AF: I know you guys have a #KaserForHeisman tracker. Any chance you can talk Johnny Manziel into putting the punter #1 on his Heisman ballot?

Gardner: Yes, in December you'll have Johnny voting for Kaser and shortly thereafter, Drake will play a show in a Kaser jersey. Sports.

AF: What is the worst and best Aggie joke you've ever heard?

Camacho: This one is my Grandpa's favorite (he's class of 1950): a wealthy Aggie rancher is being driven to town to conduct some business, and he passes a newly-plowed field with a poor farmer Aggie out in the middle of the dirt in a canoe, rowing slowly across the field. He shakes his head and they drive into town. Coming back a couple hours later, the farmer is still out in the same field rowing the canoe. The wealthy rancher has his driver pull the car over and he rolls down the window and just lays into him, "hey, you dumbass! Do you realize how bad you're making us Aggies look out there? You're barely even moving that canoe! What the hell's wrong with you?" etc. etc. Then he pauses and gives one final shout: "You're lucky I can't swim, or I'd come out there and kick your ass!"

Anyway, that's how I feel on the Internet sometimes.

AF: Since everyone loves a good SEC conspiracy theory, are you afraid the league has told the officials to be staunchly pro-Arkansas just so the league can brag about having all 7 West teams ranked?

Camacho: Whoa, what do you think this is, the Big 12?

Gardner: College football is pure, innocent, and perfect. Nothing would ever lead me to believe otherwise. I also believe that the SEC West has the seven best teams in the country.