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Reasons to Hate: Nicholls State, er...Nicholls. Whatever, Man.

Welcome to Victory Week Nicholls Week

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I hate the Nicholls game

I really do, but not because I hate Nicholls.  I hate it because I don't care about playing Nicholls.  I don't care about a game against a team that we have no business playing.  I hate that the Razorbacks are on a 10 game losing streak and the first win is going to come against Nicholls.


Fine wet Bret.  I won't talk about the losing streak....  I won't.... Stop looking at me like that.

The last Razorback win came on September 14th 2013 against Southern Miss.

These are terrible bookends, and I hate it.

Here are some interesting facts about the team we are playing in this game that I hate.

Nicholls Colonels

They want to be known as the Nicholls Colonels and not the Nicholls State Colonels, which is annoying. On the university home page it even says Nicholls State University at the top. This is just a way to confuse everyone and that's not cool.

Head Coach Charlie Stubbs owns the worst winning percentage of any coach in Colonels history at 6-27.

The Air Force Falcons amassed 539 rushing yards in a 44-16 victory over the Colonels in week 1 of the 2014 college football season (which beat the total from the game in 2009 which was a 72-0 win in which the Air Force Falcons only needed 474 rushing  yards).

Air Force only attempted six passes in the whole game and Nicholls actually gloated about having a high-national ranking in pass defense after Week 1, despite Air Force destroying them on the ground throughout the game. Ballsy.

Arkansas' paying Nicholls several hundred thousand dollars for this game most likely (can't find the exact figure) and they're probably not even going to bring up any crawfish from their location in South Louisiana to share with everybody in Fayetteville. That's a bad guest right there.

Can we just play Texas Tech already and break this... *Bret looks on intensely* break this boring game week?