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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter September 1 - Auburn Reaction, Nicholls State, Ryan Mallett


Mike Zarrilli

What did we find out in the SEC the first weekend? Well, I think we can confidently say Todd Gurley is a grown man, seemingly running against a Pop Warner defense. LSU still finds ways to win games they aren't supposed to, Texas A&M looked great, and Alabama looks to have some weaknesses (but Saban has likely already fixed them). But what about Arkansas? How did the Hogs performance, particularly in the first half, look to the national pundits? ESPN's SEC blog says Arkansas is much better.

It's about time to hop in the win column, don't you think? Arkansas will have its best chance to win a ballgame in quite some time this weekend when Nicholls State, from the Southland Conference, comes into Fayetteville to open the Razorback home schedule. It will be the first meeting between the Colonels and Arkansas, and NSU's first ever meeting with an SEC opponent. And FWIW, Air Force ran for over 500 yards against the Colonels Saturday, so the Hogs may have some success in that area this weekend. And as it turns out, NSU QB Tuskani Figaro will redshirt this season.

Also, here is a video some NSU students made called "Colonel Pride" that's probably worse than their team's run defense.

"The NFL doesn't view Mallett as anything more than Just A Guy." That's one writer at the Boston Globe's take on the Patriots "dumping" former Hog Ryan Mallet for a conditional seventh round pick. I, for one, am glad to see The Family Arm get a shot at some actual playing time. Should Ryan Fitzpatrick struggle early in the season, there's a real possibility Mallett could step in and, you know, lead the Texans to the Super Bowl. The column goes in depth on how the Patriots getting so little in return tells us just how other NFL franchises view Mallett. "Mallett to Andre Johnson" sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Tweet of the Week

BERT. LYFE. /puts shades on and smiles