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Breaking Down Brandon Allen's Interview With Bo Mattingly

Did Brandon Allen just back up the bandwagon? Yuuup.

Chris Graythen

So Brandon Allen sat down with Bo Mattingly for a little one- on- one back and forth.  Bo didn't hold anything back as he was asking HARD NOSED questions. I mean, Bo asked him about the 'egging' of his car y'all. Doesn't get anymore emotionally scarring than that.** I felt the need to post this because I have done a COMPLETE 180 on the season after sitting down this morning and watching this season altering 7 minute video.

Here is a link to the one on one series.

Immediate reaction.... based purely on this interview, I am increasing my win prediction from 4 to 9. That's right people, that's a 5 win interview - minimum. I just can't quit 'em. You know how you see people in relationships and one person is in complete control, always cheats on the other person, and treats them like garbage in general? That's my relationship with the Arkansas Razorback football program.  I am constantly disappointed and yet... here I am. Writing an article about a 7 minute interview on a Saturday afternoon.

Let's break down the highlights...

BM: Last year didn’t go like you wanted it to. What was the moment where maybe it was as bad as it gets? Was there a rock bottom moment?

BA: I think the whole season was such a rock bottom moment for all of us. It started out alright. Started out 3-0 and then SEC play kind of got us and not winning a game the rest of the way out was kind of just a steady rock bottom for us. Obviously not at all what we had planned, what we had in our minds but I think the whole season was kind of a hard time for the whole team.

I have been on this earth for 26 years now and I have never heard a more accurate statement in my entire life. BA is like "Rock Bottom moment? No Bo. There was no singular moment - just steady, constant, rocks."

So true BA. So true. I think I actually woke up every Sunday with legit headache's from all the rocks hitting my head/massive alcohol consumption.

You can tell Bo was shocked and a little shaken up at how good of an answer this was.

BA-1 Bo- 0

BM: When you come back from a game and your truck has been egged, you said what?

BA: I didn’t really say anything. My roommates were more mad than I was. That was a dumb deal. I don’t know how to explain that. It was after what, Mississippi State, the overtime loss. That’s just kind of how it is. There are some fans, like I said, they don’t like you when you lose. Just have to win to keep my truck from being egged.

I straight up gasped when I heard Bo ask this question. I was on the edge of my seat. So many ways BA could have responded.  He could of lashed out at the pure disrespect shown to him when people threw baby chicken juice at his car back on that strange fall night, but in true BA fashion he flipped the script.  You know how he stops from being egg'd?  Just win baby.

BA- 24 Bo- 0

BM: Did you have to get shots to be able to deal with the pain?

BA: Yeah. I couldn’t throw without shots. They kind of leave soreness afterwards. That’s why I’d only have one day.

Hero status.

BM: From a personal performance standpoint, what have you learned in the offseason that will help you fundamentally improve your game from a technique specifics of things you’ve done in the offseason that you believe will make you a different quarterback this fall?

BA: I went down to IMG in Florida with Chris Weinke (!!!) and we did a bunch of footwork drills. We watched some of my film from the games and the biggest thing he noticed was my footwork was not where it needed to be. This whole summer has been huge for me in terms of footwork and keeping a base on all my throws. I think I’m a lot more accurate now.

Hold the phone. HOLD. THE. PHONE.  Did BA just think he could sneak a Chris Weinke name drop past me like that? Weinke won the Heisman as a 42 year old man which is something I'll just never forget.  He also won 2 NFL games which is 2 more than the vast majority of people out there. Cam Newton worked with Weinke for the NFL draft and Cam went number one overall.  All I know is this... Weinke= wins. Simply put, this is the biggest bombshell of the interview. I don't like it, I love it.  Stop the fight.

BA- 1000 Bo- (-1000)

BM: How would you compare your confidence level now as a quarterback and with the passing game to a year ago?

BA: Oh, it’s off the charts different.

Goosebump city. Population Hog Nation.

I doubt Bo ever gives an interview again.  You just can't recover from that sort of beat down.

** PS- When you egg a person's car, what happens? Can't you just go through a car wash or something? I think that "rolling" houses pre-rain is still the ultimate because it literally never goes away. There will be toilet paper in those trees for generations. Do kids even do that these days? I feel like children are to busy pwning mother f'ers hyped up mountain dew and Doritos to even think about going outside.