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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: August 25 - Auburn Preview, Hunter Henry, LizHoney


Rich Schultz

What a start to game week, y'all. I can't really even wrap my mind around the whole Brandon Allen ordeal. I also can't imagine what he's thinking or going through right now. He has dealt with his vehicle burning and classes starting all well before noon today.

Oh, and he also has to prepare for Auburn now, because, you know, he's kind of an important piece to this team. He needs to solely be focused on class and football right now, and some asshole(s) has completely taken that from him. It's sickening. I can't even find the words to say at this moment. On to the links...

As we all know, Arkansas opens up on the road this weekend (!!!!) at Auburn to kick off their 2014 schedule. This game has been talked about and looked forward to since the schedule came out because of Gus/Arkansas, and the fact Bielema and Gus traded jabs last season. Should be an interesting game to say the least. Here's a complete game preview.

One of BA's favorite targets a season ago, Hunter Henry, is ready to come back and be even more of a force on offense for Arkansas this season. The sophomore was Allen's go-to target for most of last year, but struggled with inconsistency. The running game will only be able to take the Razorbacks so far, regardless if Arkansas' backs are some of the best in the nation. Henry also struggled with a nagging knee injury last season, preventing him from being 100 percent physically. Here, ESPN writes what a key part of the offense Henry is.

On a lighter note, our friend and die-hard Arkansas Razorback fan Liz Honey is back at it again. Yep, the super fan is back with her nose taped up to her forehead and her Hog Hat on bringing us another Razorback rendition of a pop hit. This go-around, she sings to the music of Beverly Hills Cop. It's fantastic as usual. I can't wait to see what other songs she'll put her own lyrics to.

Shameless plug alert: For the first issue of the Arkansas Traveler last week, I wrote a column regarding Bret Bielema and his quote saying he would get Arkansas to the "mountain top." Also, be sure to check out the other stories from my writers at the Traveler in the sports news section.