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Arkansas Razorbacks Fall Camp Practice Report - August 22nd

Some of the last updates before GAME WEEK

Injury Updates

Bret Bielema is the only coach who discusses injuries, so if there are any new ones, they aren't public knowledge yet. However, many of the minor injuries reported earlier in camp seem to be coming along.

No word about Deatrich Wise's knee yet, but he wasn't expected back this soon. Hopefully we'll get an update on him next week.

Auburn Prep

According to UA, the secondary had a great day on Thursday, collecting five interceptions in "simulated game situations." Of course, the official practice report neglects to mention which quarterback threw the picks. Two of them were caught by Jared Collins and one each by Alan Turner, Rohan Gaines, and D.J. Dean.

The team then did some more two-minute drills with simulated crowd noise similar to the public scrimmage on Friday. In a bit of unintended hilarity, the UA report says Brandon Allen went 3-for-3 to get the team into field goal range and killed the clock with one second remaining "to complete the team’s objective for the drill." Apparently the objective was not to score a touchdown but to kill the clock in time for a field goal. Hopefully that will pay off during the season.

The players and coaches are all saying to expect some things in games that we haven't seen in scrimmages, so expect some new things we haven't seen from these guys yet.