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What's the Worst Hog Call In Razorback History?

Matt Lauer called the Hogs for some reason, and it wasn't very good. Who has the worst Hog Call in Arkansas History?

Bielema had some help from his wife on his first Hog Call
Bielema had some help from his wife on his first Hog Call
Wesley Hitt

It feels like I've been writing an awful lot about the Hog Call lately. If you haven't seen it yet, Matt Lauer called the Hogs on the Today Show.

It got me thinking, what's the worst Hog Call in the history of the U of A?  I will always remember the awesome ones like the first Hog Call I experienced with 72,000 fans in Razorback Stadium, the even better one the next week when Texas came to town, or the Hog Call in 2006 in Auburn, when Houston Nutt scaled the walls of Jordan-Hare Stadium, but I had a lot of trouble coming up with bad ones.

The first bad Hog Call to pop into my head was that awkward press conference in 2007 with Dana Altman. In fact, most coaches have awkward Hog Calls at their introductory presser.

The message boards will tell you, the worst ones are any done by the student section, because they don't know how to do it right. OWOWOWOOOOOOO

I actually think some of the ones I've heard on the band CD (former band member here) aren't very good, because it's hard to create the magic inside of the band hall, sitting down, and recording and not at a live sporting event.  They just feel kind of flat.

Tell us in the comments if you've seen or heard one worse than these.