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Arkansas Razorback Internet Chatter: August 11 - First Scrimmage, CFB Playoff, College Hoops Do-Overs


Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

The 2014 Razorbacks took the field in Razorback Stadium to scrimmage for the first time in front of the media on Saturday, which would be followed by a special teams practice later that night. And several positive came from the first scrimmage of the new season, including Austin Allen basically jumping into the backup spot behind brother Brandon after throwing very well and for nearly 200 yards. Getting the backup situation sorted out will be key to the fan base's sanity, so it's good to kind of get a feel for that battle. Sporting Life Arkansas' Jim Harris was at the scrimmage and shared his thoughts.


In this wonderfully made video to get you hype for the College Football Playoff, the good Lord has blessed us with a Les Miles grass smoothie clip, JJ Watt, the USC marching band practicing in a pool, and much more. The College Football Playoff is upon us, y'all. Are you in?


You shank a tee shot into the next fairway on 18 with a two stroke lead, you send out a freshman field goal kicker to hit a 55+ yarder only to miss and have it run back by Auburn your rival to ruin your chances at an SEC and national title – these are all just instances where you might like a do-over. So what would happen if college hoops played do-overs? What games, if played over again, could change the way we view basketball right now if it ended differently? Hint: there's a Razorback game on the list that could have altered an entire generation of play in the NBA.


Hogville Thread of the Day (for now) - Overly Optomistic Razorback Sports Media Only Setting up Fans.

Enjoy! Kickoff is only 19 days away, guys. We can make it!