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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: All The Football Previews

All your previews, all in one convenient location!

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody's coming out with their Razorback previews so we thought we'd combine a lot of them in one spot for y'all.

Of course we're going to plug our homegrown one at the top. SB Nation's Bill Connelly wrote his Big Arkansas Preview earlier this week. Interestingly, he's bigger on the Hogs' secondary than pretty much anybody else seems to be, although he's skeptical enough of the passing game that he's not expecting too much from the Razorbacks this year.

ESPN published a preview with all the requisite "biggest question mark" and who Arkansas might be most likely to upset. They also pinned Arkansas at 4.9 wins. So, if they're right, we have to find 0.9 wins somewhere. Houston Nutt could probably do that easy.

Here's one from Scout. Yep, Arkansas needs to force more turnovers this year.

The guys from Bleacher Report actually have a video preview. You can literally see what they predict for the Razorbacks this season.

Saturday Down South's Xs and Os guy likes Arkansas' running game. Shocking, I know. It's actually a little more in depth than that.